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Introducing D-View 7
D-Link’s next generation web-based network management system is designed to effectively control, monitor, configure and trouble shoot your wired & wireless network - all from one pane of glass!
Enjoy the flexibility to
Manage both wired and wireless devices
Manage multiple sites with one NMS
Create a hierarchical administration team
Inventory Management
  • Overview status on all managed devices with quick links to devices pages and GUIs
  • Devices labeling for better inventory management
  • Real-time graphical monitoring (CPU Utilization, Critical Errors, etc.)
  • Customizable dashboards for wired and wireless devices
  • Schedule periodic or scheduled batch configurations
  • See real-time devices status from any view you like (Device, Topology, or Rack view)
  • Monitor select devices across different networks from one place
  • Capture detailed device related information - events, logs, tasks, and panel settings
  • Built-in script engine lets you dispatch CLI commands to groups of devices at once
  • Use command variables to make script more flexible
  • Simplify administration jobs by setting up scheduled tasks
  • Customize alert rules and set monitoring parameters and thresholds ...and more!
D-View 7 Architecture

D-View 7 has been redesigned to utilize a more streamlined server and probe architecture. Each component has a fundamental role, and they work together to give network administrators a greater level of control and management ability over the network.
  • The D-View 7 server is responsible for collecting and storing data that it receives from various probes. It analyzes and compiles the data received and presents it in easy to understand graphs or data views.
  • The server also acts a centralized command center, allowing network administrators to target specific devices or network segments and perform maintenance and administration without any complicated setup.
  • A probe is used to collect data from SNMP devices, issue command to devices, and communicate with core server. After installing D-View 7, it will have an embedded local probe but an administrator can install additional probes if needed. Probes allows administrators to effectively monitor parts of networks that would otherwise be unaccessible due to firewalls, NAT, or a complicated network environment what make devices hard to access through SNMP.
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